Alternate CVs

I’ve seen a few people sharing their CV of failures lately. I get why that’s a thing, but I am really good at forgetting or modifying failures in my mind. So, either all I remember is the lesson (if there was a lesson to be learned from that failure) or it was a blessing in […]

Take his a$$ to Red Lobster

Guess what song I have stuck in my head this morning! But it has me thinking. There is a LOT in that song that has to do with race, and you should be reading more qualified authors examine that aspect. But this one line also relates to class. The other day, Emily Drabinski tweeted about […]


In February, I was notified that the university president has approved my application for tenure & promotion! It won’t be effective until July 1, but it’s a big relief to have that official notice! I’ve neglected this blog for a long time now. I was inspired to actually try to write again after reading Radical […]

Welcome to fall semester

This past week was the first week of fall semester classes at my university. This is the first time in a while that I’ve taught only one regular section of our 2 credit hour information literacy course. Last semester I only taught one section, but it was an honors section, so I spent a lot […]

LOEX 2015 & the Framework

In the past year, I’ve interacted with the new Framework for Information Literacy, going so far as to assign the frames as required reading in my classes last fall. However, most of my conversations about it have been with other librarians in my department and #critlib participants. At LOEX, I tweeted: At #loex2015, realizing how […]

Wrapping up the semester

Once again, it has been a long time since I posted. Since my last post, we’ve been doing the normal LIBR 1101 material – plagiarism, searching in a couple of different databases, filter bubbles, copyright & Creative Commons, social media literacy, etc. While I’m constantly revising how I discuss those topics in class, they don’t […]

Since the last time I wrote about my class…

We’ve had 5 class meetings since my last post about my class – some more interesting than others. On Wed, Feb 4, the plan was to work on the beginning stage of developing research questions for them to focus on for the rest of the semester. Unfortunately, attendance was pretty low that day – only […]

Spring 2015 class

I’ve written some here before about the class I teach. This semester, though, I get to do something a little bit different. It’s still a 2 credit hour class that meets twice a week in 52 minute chunks, but I get to focus on information literacy through the lens of Ferguson with a small group […]

ISETL 2014

I just returned home last night from the annual conference of the International Society for the Exploration of Teaching & Learning. This was my first time attending ISETL. It’s targeted to everyone in higher education who wants to learn and share practices to enhance student learning. I really enjoyed Library Instruction West because all of […]