ISETL 2014

I just returned home last night from the annual conference of the International Society for the Exploration of Teaching & Learning. This was my first time attending ISETL. It’s targeted to everyone in higher education who wants to learn and share practices to enhance student learning. I really enjoyed Library Instruction West because all of […]

Explicitly teaching “format as a process”

In my last post, I wrote about using parts of the latest draft of the new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education as reading assignments in my information literacy course. This past week, my students read the section describing “format as a process”: Format is the way tangible knowledge is disseminated. The essential characteristic […]

Teaching the new Information Literacy Framework

As I’ve mentioned before here, I am lucky enough to get to teach a semester long 2 credit hour course on information literacy. Unlike some librarians who have to figure out how to convey the complexities of evaluating a wide range of potential sources in one-shot instruction sessions in other people’s courses, I get to […]

The library class

Since mid August, a big chunk of my time and energy has been focused on prepping and teaching the class I teach. While many instruction librarians are focused on getting access to other people’s classes through “one-shot” instruction sessions (the “library day” when a librarian gets to teach students how to find the sources they’ll […]

Library Instruction West 2014

I flew out to Portland, OR in July to attend the Library Instruction West (formerly known as LOEX of the West) conference. I was excited to visit Portland for my first time, but a little apprehensive about my expectations for the conference. I attended LOEX of the West in Burbank in 2012. I was in […]

A bit on reviewing and conferences

Well, it didn’t take long for my once a week posting attempt went off track. I’m in the process of getting ICL surgery to correct my vision (my eyes are too bad for LASIK!), so I’ve missed a few days for that, plus personal time off. This morning, I’m thinking about peer reviews – mainly […]

Gearing up for another week

I made some progress last week on writing. At least I got a draft written up about the Empty Bowls workshops. It’s more of a “what we did” kind of article instead of anything scholarly, but I do those workshops for fun and to connect with an important cause, not as a scholarly activity. In […]

Write, dammit!

I’ve had “write, dammit!” on my office whiteboard, under the list of things to do soon, for at least a couple of months. It was right below completing my pre-tenure review binder, which I turned in last week… And which was a reminder of why I need to write! I am my own greatest obstacle […]

An attempt to revive my blog…

Like many students, I sat down this morning to work on a paper. For me, it’s a draft of a book chapter instead of a term paper, but whatever. I read through what I had already written, and as soon as I got to a part where I needed to add a paragraph, I realized […]

ALA Annual Conference

It has been a while since I posted! Keeping up with the blog dropped a few notches on the list of priorities as other things have come up, in part because I didn’t think anybody was really reading this. It’s a good exercise in reflective practice to write up events and teaching experiences for myself, […]