An attempt to revive my blog…

Like many students, I sat down this morning to work on a paper. For me, it’s a draft of a book chapter instead of a term paper, but whatever. I read through what I had already written, and as soon as I got to a part where I needed to add a paragraph, I realized it had been way too long since I last checked twitter!

And checking twitter led me to stumble upon this post:

Yeah, sure, some people have gained visibility through blogging, both in academia and beyond academia. But I’m one of a bajiliion librarians with a blog, so I don’t really expect to stand out. However, regularly reflecting on my work, where I’m at in my research, and what I want to accomplish next would be useful. Yeah, sure, I try to do that, but forcing myself to sit down and write it out would be a lot more systematic than thinking about it whenever I have time.

Plus, maybe writing more regularly will help the words flow when I sit down to try to write a draft of a publication! This morning, I’m trying to flesh out a draft of a book chapter, with little success. I still need to work on writing up a draft of the research I did on my classes last fall… Which I haven’t even mentioned on here! And there are a few other things I really should write up. Attempting to write for publication feels daunting, while writing for myself here (because, really, very few people read this at my peak, and even fewer now since I haven’t posted in nearly a year!) is not so bad.

So, I’m setting a new goal: write something here once a week. It may be short, and it doesn’t need to be brilliant or insightful. But hopefully it will help me reflect more regularly on what I’m doing and help me organize my thoughts on projects I really should be writing up!

2 thoughts on “An attempt to revive my blog…

  1. What is the book chapter about? I’m a librarian and I’m always curious to learn what other librarians are writing. Thanks.

    1. The book chapter is about a mapping exercise we’ve used, focusing on how it helps develop visual literacy skills. It seemed like a stretch when I first saw the CFP, but the more I’ve read about visual literacy, the more I’m realizing it does fit, especially when you use the exercise to lead into discussions of how maps are made, why X is included but Y isn’t, who decides what to include, etc.

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