ALA Annual Conference

It has been a while since I posted! Keeping up with the blog dropped a few notches on the list of priorities as other things have come up, in part because I didn’t think anybody was really reading this. It’s a good exercise in reflective practice to write up events and teaching experiences for myself, but it’s easy to set that aside for more pressing tasks if that’s all you’re doing.

At ALA, though, I attended a lunch hosted by EBSCO for academic librarians. I got there late and needed to run out early, so sat at a table in the back with one seat left open, though I didn’t know anyone at that table. The person sitting next to me recognized me because she has read my blog! That is so freaking cool! So I guess I should make more time to post here, even if it is just to organize my thoughts and reflect on projects I’ve done.

For now, though, here is the presentation that a colleague and I gave at the 19th Annual Reference Research Forum at ALA in Chicago, June 29, 2013. Or you can visit the full google presentation with notes on what we planned to say about each slide. Some of that got cut due to time in the actual presentation, though we probably elaborated more than we had planned for in other parts!

Andrew Walsh was one of our Information Literacy Fellows, 2012-13. He is starting a new permanent position at a library in Dayton, OH this month.

Adriana Gerena and Aundryel (Auni) Breland are/were graduate research assistants in the Instructional Services department at Ingram Library. They both ran the usability tests, and Adriana ran the focus groups after Auni left us for bigger and better things (an internship in her field and perhaps graduation by now!).