Library Day in the Life Project, Day 1

Today was a rough day. I started out with not enough sleep — I’m going through a divorce and wound up fuming well past my bedtime. That’s never how I like to start a week!

I started my day by catching up on email at home. Tomorrow, we’re hosting an event in the library, glazing bowls for Empty Bowls (read more tomorrow or see this post about our bowl making workshop). So I needed to send an email to the all faculty list serve for the university and the library staff list serve to further publicize it. And I had to email the library reference list serve (includes library faculty plus staff that are qualified to work the reference desk, but not all staff) to find someone to cover my reference desk shift during the glazing workshop tomorrow.

Then I realized what time it was and rushed to slap a sandwich together for lunch and run out the door. I am the liaison to the anthropology department, and they are currently interviewing for two positions. One of their candidates was doing their research presentation at 9:45 today… I hate to admit it, but I parked my car at about 9:44 and practically ran to the correct room… And only the candidate and one other person were there! Whew! One of them joked that they were running “on Africa time”. I missed anthropologists when I was in library school!

After the talk, they invited me to join them for lunch in the campus food court. I hadn’t had time to drop my sandwich off at my office on my way in, so I said “sure!”

I finally got to the library right around noon, with a stop at our Starbucks on my way in. I headed up to my office on the third floor, checked email again, and chatted with colleagues about class. As I mentioned yesterday, I was scrambling to decide what to do for class today — no matter how much I plan on Sunday, I will rethink it aka second guess myself in the hours leading up to my actual class meeting.

Around 1:05, the band for Friday night showed up for our 1:15 meeting. Luckily, our systems librarian is a musician and was able to join us to talk about setting up and equipment and whatnot. That was pretty brief, but on the way back upstairs, we wound up chatting in his office (on the second floor) about a webinar and plans to promote the digital repository he’s hoping to get set up. So it was 1:30 or 1:45 when I got back upstairs to my office.

I spent the next hour or so printing & copying worksheets for class, posting the week 4 discussion board prompt for the class (watch and discuss the Filter Bubble video), and viewing an assignment that was already completed. Then off to class!

My plan was to cover keywords, Boolean logic, and then have them work through a worksheet that guided them through searching in the catalog and playing with some options. They totally threw me off my game from the start — they all knew Boolean! Of course, they didn’t know that term for it, but they answered the and/or questions right and filled in the Venn diagram correctly! Yay for our one-shots, apparently we’re getting through to them! The worksheet went well, and one of them stayed after to ask for help developing a topic for a paper in another class.

From there, back to the office to catch up on email again and maybe work on a book display. Then the IT guy brought my new MacBook to me, so working on that book display went out the window! It’s shiny and fabulous, but I’m really looking forward to being able to work on it out in the collaborative space in our office suite to, you know, collaborate!

I finally came home around 5:30, checked email again, spent some more time with the new MacBook, and then switched gears to cooking dinner. Yippee!

Early to bed tonight, for a hopefully much better tomorrow!