GA Conference on Info Lit

Last weekend, I went to Savannah, GA to attend the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy. This is the first conference I have been to since I graduated from library school and started my new job. I took far more notes at this one than at any other conference I’ve attended! Part of that is the fact that I now have a job, so a real-world application in mind, but part of it was just that I went to some really good sessions.

The presentation that stuck with me the most so far was the very first one I went to. The presenters assigned their students to film themselves going through the process of finding a book — from searching in the catalog to actually getting the book from the shelves. The presenters provided flip video cameras. The students in the video clips they showed seemed to have a lot of fun with the assignment. But the part that stuck with me was the way students reacted when they found the books — many of them seemed genuinely excited to have succeeded at actually finding the book! It’s so easy to take that simple knowledge for granted.

Right after that first presentation was one that discussed embedding videos & slideshare presentations in libguides. That’s probably not exactly a new idea, but it stood out to me as something I hadn’t thought of doing before! And, I found the excellent presentation below through the site they pulled up:

That presentation also talked a lot about producing videos with a program I hadn’t heard of before, ooVoo. I haven’t tried it out yet — anyone have an opinion on it?

I didn’t take nearly as many notes at other sessions through the day — not a reflection of the quality of the presentations, just a matter of what stood out for me. And I won’t bore you with my notes on the pros and cons of adding EBSCO’s discovery tool!

Overall, it was a useful conference. Some presentations were better than others, as is always the case at conferences. They seem to be trying to grow the conference, so those of you who are teaching info lit in other regions may want to keep this one in mind in the next few years. The one reservation I have about that is the venue — several of the sessions were overflowing, with people standing in the back and sitting on the floor. I don’t know if that’s a matter of getting better at predicting which presentations need larger rooms, or if it’s just that the conference is outgrowing the venue. But, other than that, I really enjoyed it. And I definitely have to go back to Savannah on vacation sometime!

In just over a week I’ll be off again, this time to Philly for the Association of Library Communications and Outreach Professionals Inaugural Conference. Yippee!