cpd23 Thing 9 – Evernote

This may be colored by the fact that I’m behind on the cpd23 program, but I’m having a hard time convincing myself to spend much time trying Evernote. I’m just not clear on what it would add for me in terms of organization.

The cpd23 blog presents Evernote as solving a specific problem:
“You want to be able to make comments on webpages and archive them along with your own notes so that everything is all in the one place and easy to access.”

I can’t say that I’ve ever had that problem. I organize webpages in my bookmarks folders efficiently enough that I’m not sure how Evernote would help me. Instead, I think it would be more likely to add extra work and information overload. On those occasions when I need to save a copy of the site as-is, I simply print to .pdf format and store it in a relevant folder on my computer. I find that easier than the prospect of having to go into a program and access the copy there.

For notes to myself and other files that I want to store “in the cloud”, there’s always Dropbox.

So, for this week, unless you can convince me that there is something awesome about Evernote that I’m not seeing, I’m going to slack off and skip this new program. Once I transition from full time student to full time librarian, I may come back to it if it seems like it would be useful then… For now, though, I would need a bit more convincing!