cpd23 Thing 5 – Reflective Practice

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy for me, and so I’m falling behind on the cpd23 program. Let’s see if I can catch up!

The next thing on the list is reflective practice. I’m finding it a bit early in the program to do much new reflection. I feel like half of the earlier things have been reflective posts — introducing myself and reflecting on why I am participating and what I want to get out of it, then examining my personal brand and reflecting on ways to improve it.

Greenaway (1995). Copied from cpd23 Thing 5 post

Following the do – review – plan cyclical model posted on the cpd23 post, I had started blogging already, reviewed how that was going so far, and set a plan for improving the areas I want to work on (the reasons I’m doing cpd23!). Similarly, since I am currently searching for a job, I’ve been working on improving my personal brand. So Thing 3 was more reflection and a bit of planning. I’ll review the progress I made on those after I’ve had time to do a bit more!

However, I have been falling behind on following the program. So I suppose I’ll reflect on that a bit! I’ve been traveling like crazy. I left for the ALA Annual conference shortly after my first cpd23 post. I returned home for 3 days to spend time with house guests — my dad was here to pet-sit my three dogs, and he brought my 11 year old ADHD nephew along. My husband had to attend an in-service training day with the school district (he’s a high school science teacher), then we boogied on out again to take my nephew home then go visit my in-laws. We got home from upstate NY, and I was off again for something else. So I could probably get away with blaming my hectic travel schedule…

Really, however, I’ve been less active on twitter and had a hard time posting here because I’m focused on searching for a job. I’ve had a few things to get excited about (and yes, each phone interview, or even each time Google analytics shows that someone from a location where I’ve applied for a job has spent a couple of minutes on my site, is cause for excitement!). But, I’m not sure what is acceptable to say online — is it ok to gush about getting an interview, even if you don’t say where? Obviously you don’t say anything specifically identifying or negative, but if I say that a phone interview with X went well, will that hurt my chances of getting a phone interview with Y? Where exactly is the line?

Since I don’t know where the line is, and since each person will likely draw it in a slightly different location, I’m avoiding saying anything. Which is REALLY HARD! I know that some folks out there have gotten really weary of searching for a job, so maybe the whole process is no longer exciting for them. But it’s still early for me. Plus, I tend to annoy my husband with my optimism that things will work out as they should — for example, that rejection may not be cause for celebration, but it left me open to find a job that will be a better fit, where I will be happier in the end! So, right now at least, I find it hard to imagine not getting excited about each step in the process.

On the other hand, as with many of life’s more exciting things, it’s also kind of terrifying! It’s hard not to get my hopes up after what felt like a really good phone interview, but I’m really trying to just take it as it comes. Just because I’m optimistic that things will work out as they should doesn’t mean that things always go my way — that rejection still sucks, even if it did leave a window open for a better opportunity! And that means spending a lot of time burying my head in books and games to keep from getting my hopes up too much or over-analyzing every interaction with a potential employer.

So how do we plan from here? Everyone, cross your fingers that my search will be over soon, so I can start gushing about my wonderful new job! Moving to things I have more control over, well, I’m going to make an effort to check in on twitter a couple of times a day, even if I only re-tweet a couple of good posts. And I’m going to try to get caught up on this week’s cpd23 Things. And, of course, I will continue to try to post more comments on blogs. Finally, when the new Dresden Files book shows up next week, I plan to go AWOL on here again for a day or so as I devour that… Gotta have some balance, right? 🙂