cpd23 Thing 1

Catchy title, right? Hopefully as this goes along I’ll get more creative! (It doesn’t help that most of my brain is focused on getting ready for ALA at the moment!)

So, 23 Things for Professional Development starts this week. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a free professional development course — follow the link or scroll down to my earlier post about it for more information.

First item on the agenda: why are you participating in the program?

I decided to participate for a few reasons. First, I’m finishing up my last semester of library school and starting to apply for jobs. Of course, part of that process involves realizing the skills still left to learn! It helps that I’m finishing up my last two credit hours by doing independent study — only taking 2 credit hours that don’t involve discussion board postings has left me feeling like I have lots of free time to fill! OK, I’m kidding, since I’m also searching for a job and planning to go to the ALAs and visit the in-laws within the next month… But realistically, it’s good to continue learning new things. So I’m looking forward to learning new tools and rounding out my mad library skillz.

Secondly, I’d like to get into the habit of blogging more regularly. As a new blogger, I’m not always sure what to write about. More importantly, as an almost-done library student, I’m still soaking up what’s going on and applying for jobs. So following a structured program of things to blog about will help me get into a regular pattern. With any luck, I’m hoping to have a job before the program ends, so that should provide me with plenty of new ideas once the program ends! (*Wish me luck!*)

And, finally, I’m hoping to connect with more librarians. I’ve been attending library school online for the past year, since moving for my husband’s job. He’s a high school science teacher, so he can follow me anywhere once I get a job, but he was looking for his first teaching job at a time when Missouri was laying off teachers and cutting budgets left and right. So we expanded the search and landed about an hour northwest of Nashville, TN. I love that online classes meant that I could continue in my program and move out of state if needed, but it’s hard to feel connected to my degree program from this far away. I’ve gotten somewhat active on twitter (though I follow along more than I tweet), which has helped me stay connected to library-land. But I’m hoping that blogging will help build more and deeper connections.

So I’m hoping to learn some new online tools and meet some wonderful people. Sounds like fun to me!

If you’re stopping by to check out other cpd23 blogs, drop a note to say hi! If you landed here on accident and happen to be a librarian, check out the program!

6 thoughts on “cpd23 Thing 1

    1. Thanks! I’ll always love St. Louis & Columbia, MO, but it was time for a new adventure! I’ve felt pretty disconnected from my program, but it’s always exciting to learn a new town!

  1. Hi Angela! It looks like you and I have a lot in common. Where are you getting your Masters? I also just started using Twitter as a way to be more involved. Good luck with your job hunt, what types of jobs are you applying for?


    1. Thanks! I’m getting my Masters at the University of Missouri and applying for academic library positions. I’m interested in instruction and/or subject specialist positions.

  2. Hi Angela, it’s @agrundmann from twitter. I’m participating in this program too – I think you were the one who tweeted about it, which is how I found out about it. It looks like we’re doing this for the same basic reasons, too. Hopefully we’ll meet sometime this weekend at ALA – see you at the tweetup?

    1. Hi Amanda! I’m sorry I missed the chance to meet you in person — there were a LOT of people at the tweet-up! Then I followed the crowd to the facebook meet-up, but wound up chatting with some non-librarians the whole time we were there. Hopefully we’ll meet at some future conference!

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