What to do, what to do?

I am an aspiring librarian. After this semester, I’ll only need 2 credit hours to graduate. I’m trying to plan a second practicum, so I could in theory be all done except for the paperwork before the summer semester officially starts. Yay!

That brings me to the job search. I think I’ve got a pretty decent CV going, but the more I can bring to the table, the better. So, in addition to finishing up my classwork and working on applications, I’ve come up with several side-projects to work on:

  • Learning to use the WordPress platform. This site is a work in progress, and there are some unlinked back pages that are my playground!
  • Learning to use Drupal. That is also loaded onto a back section of this domain, totally unlinked for now while I learn to use it.
  • Build a small digital collection using WordPress or Drupal. I’m taking a class on digital libraries now, so that sounds like a fun project. And it would be nice to do something with the files that I digitized for my late advisor — the coolest stuff is on embargo until 2023, but there are some files that I have permission to use.
  • Work on my Spanish skills. I spent many years learning Spanish in high school and college, but am seriously rusty now. And I’ve learned another language since… So now, when I try to say a sentence in Spanish, it comes out in “Spandonesian” — a few Indonesian words thrown in, often without me realizing it! Improving my Spanish skills would likely be pretty useful in many areas of the US.
  • Read up on the literature regarding the application of ethnographic methods in library studies. I have a background in anthropology, it would be nice to put those ethnographic methods to use in the library!
  • Work on networking via Twitter, beef up my LinkedIn profile, and otherwise do all of that good social media stuff that almost goes without saying!

Comments? What else should I be doing? I would really like to be a social sciences liaison and/or focus on instruction — is all of this web development stuff even useful for those positions?

One thought on “What to do, what to do?

  1. Angela, I don’t think anyone can have enough tech skills nowadays. I think we’re moving away from the time when web developers were responsible for keeping content current–now individual librarians are creating and posting content. Just by learning WP you’ve given yourself that much more of a leg up over so many job-seekers (i.e., some of our classmates).

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