Dream job

The other day, I tweeted a bit about dreaming of all the things I wish my job could be. There have been some problematic dynamics in my department for a while now (years), and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just frustrated. I spend so much time dealing with drama from this situation (including […]


Back in May, I went to the Identity, Agency, and Culture in Academic Libraries (IACAL) Conference in Los Angeles. There were some really great presentations, but it took a greater emotional toll than some conferences. I started writing this post shortly after I got home, but left it sitting as a draft for a while, […]

Class, Interrupted

So, this semester life decided to throw me a curve ball. I started the semester optimistic. Classes started abnormally early (Aug 10), but that was because MPOW added both a fall break and an extra week of classes this year, bringing us back to the 16-week semester that seems more common. (Right before I started, […]

Back to school

Tomorrow is the first day of fall semester at my university. I’m looking forward to the first day of class on Thursday! Yes, it will be the “syllabus day“, but it’s also a time to set the tone for the semester. With this in mind, I thought I’d share one of the ways I try […]

Reflecting on this past semester

On Tuesday this week, my campus held a conference on pedagogy, sponsored by our Center for Teaching & Learning. One of the sessions I went to was a panel presentation / roundtable discussion led by a few people who had participated in a book study group. They read and discussed bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress […]

Alternate CVs

I’ve seen a few people sharing their CV of failures lately. I get why that’s a thing, but I am really good at forgetting or modifying failures in my mind. So, either all I remember is the lesson (if there was a lesson to be learned from that failure) or it was a blessing in […]

Take his a$$ to Red Lobster

Guess what song I have stuck in my head this morning! But it has me thinking. There is a LOT in that song that has to do with race, and you should be reading more qualified authors examine that aspect. But this one line also relates to class. The other day, Emily Drabinski tweeted about […]


In February, I was notified that the university president has approved my application for tenure & promotion! It won’t be effective until July 1, but it’s a big relief to have that official notice! I’ve neglected this blog for a long time now. I was inspired to actually try to write again after reading Radical […]