Reflecting on this past semester

On Tuesday this week, my campus held a conference on pedagogy, sponsored by our Center for Teaching & Learning. One of the sessions I went to was a panel presentation / roundtable discussion led by a few people who had participated in a book study group. They read and discussed bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress … Continue reading Reflecting on this past semester


In February, I was notified that the university president has approved my application for tenure & promotion! It won’t be effective until July 1, but it’s a big relief to have that official notice! I’ve neglected this blog for a long time now. I was inspired to actually try to write again after reading Radical … Continue reading Tenure

LOEX 2015 & the Framework

In the past year, I’ve interacted with the new Framework for Information Literacy, going so far as to assign the frames as required reading in my classes last fall. However, most of my conversations about it have been with other librarians in my department and #critlib participants. At LOEX, I tweeted: At #loex2015, realizing how … Continue reading LOEX 2015 & the Framework